Our Expertise

Hanuman Films has been at the forefront of film and television production in Southeast Asia for 15 years. We have worked on productions in countries as varied as Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam. We have an unrivalled network throughout the region to ensure a successful shoot in this incredibly diverse region.

Knowledge is power in the world of film and television in Asia and no-one knows the region better than Hanuman Films. We have covered every corner of our backyard to bring you the best locations from this fast-emerging region. Whether you are looking for a modern Asian cityscape, ancient temples, a timeless rural scene, a brooding volcano, colonial-era architecture or a tropical beach, Southeast Asia offers all this at a competitive price.

Hanuman Films has more than a decade of experience looking after major international feature films in Cambodia. Selected as the local servicing company for Tomb Raider by Paramount Pictures, Hanuman has since worked on a range of feature films including Jean-Jacques Annaud’s Two Brothers, starring Guy Pearce and a family of tigers, and Wish You Were Here, starring Joel Edgerton and Teresa Palmer, which opened the 2012 Sundance Film Festival. More recently Hanuman Films has moved into feature film production itself and credits include a co-production on the award-winning Ruin and a first full feature length production, The Last Reel, which enjoyed its world premiere at the Tokyo International Film Festival 2014.

Hanuman Films has worked on dozens of documentaries over the past decade and a half including stories about the Khmer Rouge and their legacy, the revival of the arts in Cambodia, drama-documentaries about compelling events in the kingdom, and travel shows with renowned celebrities such as Gordon Ramsay, Charley Boorman, Samantha Brown and Jeremy Clarkson. Hanuman Films is an official vendor for the BBC and has worked on more than a dozen shoots for the BBC, including Around the World in 80 Treasures (Cambodia, Indonesia and Thailand), Top Gear Vietnam, By Any Means, Timewatch: Pol Pot, Horizon Pandemic, How Earth Made Us, The Human Planet, How Plants Made the World, Who Cares About Art, The Lost World of Albert Kahn, The Really Wild Show, Holiday Show, and, most recently the new flagship Mekong series presented by Sue Perkins. Other television channels and production companies that we regularly work with include National Geographic, Discovery Channel, Travel Channel, Tiger Aspect, Tigress Productions, Darlow Smithson, ABC, NBC, ZDF, RTF, Fox, Sky, Optomen, JWM, Raw Television, MTV and more.

Hanuman Films worked on the first major international commercial to be shot at Angkor Wat for Dragonair, the regional wing of Hong Kong’s national carrier Cathay Pacific. Hanuman has since gone on to work on many important commercials for UK and US partners, including Radical Media. Our portfolio of clients includes some major global players such as Pepsi, Cisco, TUI Travel and TOMS Shoes. We have worked with some major international commercial directors such as Tarsem Singh, the award-winning director of REM’s Losing My Religion video. More recently in 2012, we collaborated with TOMS for their 2013 Catalogue, shot entirely on location in Cambodia. In 2013, we once again teamed up with Radical Media to shoot a jewellery TVC for leading Hong Kong company Chai Tai Fook. We also worked with leading international beer Heineken on their cutting edge ‘Dropped’ commercial in Cambodia that saw a blindfolded contestant dropped in the Cambodian jungle and have to navigate his way back to Phnom Penh on a giant yellow duck.

Our team is a who’s who of travel and film in Southeast Asia. Producer and Director Kulikar Sotho has nearly 20 years of experience in film and television, including line producing dozens of international productions, co-producing the award-winning ‘Ruin’ and directing ‘The Last Reel’. She has worked with countless film-makers and television stars such as Gordon Ramsay and Angelina Jolie. Lonely Planet author Nick Ray is a Producer and Location Manager at Hanuman Films and has spent nearly two decades exploring the region for guidebooks, travel companies and film and television productions. He has chosen locations for productions large and small, including Tomb Raider, Two Brothers, Wish You Were Here and Top Gear Vietnam.

More recently Hanuman Films was excited to welcome Lloyd Levin onboard, one of the most experienced Producers in Hollywood. Lloyd’s credit list includes a rollcall of blockbusters and household names in the past two decades, including Green Zone, United 93, Boogie Nights, Hellboy 1 & 2, Tomb Raider 1 & 2 and Watchmen, as well as many other films.

If you think we’re just another production house, then think again. Hanuman Films is something completely different.

Why Hanuman Films?

1, Reliable reputation: tried and trusted by iconic names such as the BBC, Paramount, National Geographic, Radical Media and more.

2, Trustworthy track record: we tell it how it is with no bullshit and a transparent approach to each and every shoot.

3, Unrivalled knowledge: a team of experienced international and local experts who know their countries inside out.

4, Competitive prices: attractive rates for such exceptional service and a flexible approach to budgeting.

5, Speed of communication: a sharp turnaround on all projects ensuring you can compete with global rivals on budgets and TVC quotes.

6, The right connections: we have some useful contacts in high places and we travel widely to meet key players in person.

7, Special services: Our team will go out their way to ensure your every whim is catered for during the shoot.

8, Safety is a priority: We use experienced crew to ensure a high standard of on-location safety for everyone.

9, Responsible film-making: doing things the right way helps the region and Hanuman Films supports many local projects.

10, Locally-owned and operated: the money generated stays within the region and is reinvested in further jobs and training.