Hanuman Films Testimonials

Tom Shoes and Toms Sunglasses Photo and Video Shoot in Cambodia

“Kulikar, You are amazing. Thank you so much for all your team have done to keep us safe, on schedule and experiencing your beautiful country. You are so strong and an incredible example. Thank you for sharing your time, experience and love. We are so Grateful.”

Shawn Phillipson, Director of Giving Communications

“Dear Kulikar, I cannot tell you how amazing working with you has been such a joy! You are a true professional. Thank You.”

Felipe Hernandez, VP of Creative Services

Channel 4 Spice Trip

Hanuman films, we thank you! Frankly we could not have done it without you. What we were trying to achieve out in Cambodia in four short days was ambitious. Kulikar you worked incredibly hard to make everything happen. Thanks for your help with the permits, locations and the real Khmer insight you gave which helped so much in shaping our narrative. The entire crew loved working with you. Special thanks for finding us some great places to eat after epic days. You’re work was relentless. If I ever go to war I’m taking you with me!

Sheena Cameron, Producer, Spice Trip

Extreme Smuggling, Discovery Channel

Thank you Hanuman Films and especially Robin for being such a tremendous help in facilitating our Discovery Channel shoot in Cambodia. You found us a great crew and equipment on very short notice, and helped accommodate our MANY requests! When we’re back in Cambodia I know who I’ll be calling! Maria Berry, Supervising Producer, Discovery StudiosParty with a Conscience VideoWe just watched the video and LOVE IT!!!! Its fun, informative, inspiring and makes you want to go to the parties!! I really like how the first bit is about the party and the second about the cause. Really, really, really good – you’ve got skills!! Thank you so, so much. Its going to be such a great tool for future events – hopefully it can help bring some sponsorship in, etc. It will especially help in London eventsTalia Smith, Anti-trafficking Project Coordinator & Communications Officer, Village FocusAngkor CarFor one of the most successful TV shows about cars on the German speaking TV market called “VOX auto mobil” we had the pleasure to work with Hanuman Films on this project. The story about the first car ever invented in Cambodia. The great think about Hanuman is, that you feel supported 24hrs. Whenever we needed some information about the project while we did the research, one of Hanumans Producer (Robin) answered us within 24hrs. This was a great help and made everything pretty smooth. Also on the project itself they helped us out with a guide who was smart, fast and really easy going. In the afternoon we asked for a van, including driver with great driving skills (for driving shots outside of the car) amd 30 minutes later: we had the perfect match. After all and after all our experience in Asia. I can easily recommend Hanuman Films for projects in Cambodia. Reasonable(!) prices and great people made our project easy and fast! Thanks so much!!! Next time in Cambodia, I know where to go!Markus Zwilling, Director and Executive Producer of nimbusfilm, working for VOX auto mobilBergdorf Goodman“We were lucky enough to make a trek to Cambodia for two of the men’s shoots in our March Issue. It was an ideal setting: dynamic landscapes, remarkable architecture and vibrant cities.Robin – Thank you a million trillion times over! The shoot was a great success much in part to you. Your consistent attention to detail each day, knowledge of production and of course, let’s not forget your charm, made for a pleasant and productive trip.Kulikar – you nailed it. Those locations outside of PP, ease in shooting at the dump in Siem Reap and forming a wonderful team were all very much appreciated. You are also an incredible person, always working on such interesting projects be it war crime investigation films or responsible tourism. I admire you a great deal.Martha Adams – Producer, 10 x 10, The Documentary Group
Angelina Jolie“When I went to Cambodia something felt like home to me. I knew someone was there who was meant to be in my family. I don’t know any other way to explain it. I felt beautiful when I was in Cambodia. I was sweaty, and my hair was matted and all over the place. And I was happy and hot and accomplishing a lot and running around, and I could feel my heart beating, and I felt beautiful.”Angelina Jolie – Actress, Tomb Raider, Paramount PicturesHow to Grow a Planet“I just wanted to say thanks to you and everyone else who helped us on this shoot. You were all extremely informative before and during the shoot, and we were really well taken care of. I was pretty knocked out by Angkor, and the fact that I had time to actually enjoy the place is testament to the fact that you guys made me relax enough to do that! We always felt very well taken care of, the ceremony looked great, and the shoot when incredibly smoothly, so thanks to you and everyone at Hanuman for that. And please thanks Sothy too – he was really, really great on the days we were there – very patient, very communicative, and very helpful. ” Declan Healy – Assistant Producer, How to Grow a Planet, BBC Scotland
Samantha Brown

 ”Just like parents who“equally” love all their children, as a traveler I don’t like to admit that I have a favorite, but I do. Out of the eight countries visited in the Asia series, Cambodia was my favorite. I knew from the beginning that this was a different place.
As we left the airport terminal in Cambodia in Phnom Penh the glass door slid apart to reveal a scene of utter calm — just as many people who are always congregated outside an airport but they all stood there with soft eyes and slight smiles. That’s when I knew I was going to love it here.I found the Cambodians to be the easiest people to talk to. I call them the Irish of Southeast Asia. On the whole they speak a lot of English, which I wasn’t expecting and an overwhelming curiosity about Westerners since it’s only been recently that we’ve been allowed to come. That’s not to say the ancient city of Angkor isn’t a showstopper. I’ve seen it from pages of my National Geographic but really just had no idea what an amazing place it is. Experts say it’s on par with the Pyramids of Egypt (I wouldn’t know, unfortunately I’ve never been – hint, hint Travel Channel) but I would say its worthy of the bucket list.”

Samantha Brown – TV Presenter, Samantha Brown’s Asia, Travel Channel

Pilot Guides Cambodia

“I love places in the middle of nowhere, no one is there, and the landscape is phenomenal. Cambodia is just unbelievable. You have pre-conceived ideas, which often everyone has, and all you know is the Killing Fields. So the first five days you see it, but after that you forget it. People are young, they live for now.

And Phnom Penh is such a brilliant capital. I went clubbing there and the atmosphere was great. Just like anywhere in Europe, young people happy and enjoying music! The DJ was there in a cut Beatle car, mixing and sending friendly messages to the travellers!””

Ian Wright – TV Presenter