Heineken “Dropped” TVC

WEFILMS for Heineken Beer, 2013

Heineken Beer has long been known for its quirky and comical commercials. Most British people of a certain age will remember ‘the water in Majorca’ commercial back in the 1980s. Heineken has taken this one step further with the creation of the new “Heineken Dropped” campaign. Legends aren’t born, they’re dropped is the line and for the Heineken Dropped Cambodia shoot, Greek dancer Stavros Kottas is dropped deep in the jungles of Ratanakiri in the northeast of the country and has to find his way back to Phnom Penh to deliver a giant yellow ducky.

Hanuman Films coordinated the Heineken Dropped Cambodia shoot which involved coordinating a lot of elements within the region. The giant ducky was assembled in Bangkok with help from John Lovejoy of Nomadic Nation and designers Gui & Associates. It then began a long and complicated journey into Cambodia, crossing via the Poipet border and travelling via Siem Reap and the temples of Angkor to the remote corner of Ratanakiri. The duck was better travelled than most of the tourists that come to Cambodia. The journey didn’t stop there, as the duck had to be towed upriver and then dropped in place in readiness for the arrival of Stavros.

We met Stavros at the airport and transferred him to Ratanakiri by helicopter before a combination of motorbike and machete-slashing brought him to the banks of the river and his beloved duck. Off came the blindfold and his adventures began, spending several days on the remote jungle rivers, meeting helpful locals and being arrested by the Cambodian River Police. He left the river behind to transfer to Phnom Penh by truck, picking up some local friends along the way. He discovered the delights of deep-fried tarantula in Skuon, affectionately known as Spiderville in Cambodia before arriving in Phnom Penh.

The duck was delivered to The Duck Restaurant at 49 Sothearos Blvd as per instructions. It even travelled the last leg by ‘duck-duck’. A meal of duck was enjoyed after a long time in the boonies and then Stavros continued to a Heineken Green Moon night at the popular Phnom Penh club, the Riverhouse Lounge.

Once again Heineken Beer has put itself at the cutting edge of advertising with this online viral campaign. Other episodes include the snowy depths of Alaska and the Sahara Desert.

Locations: Ratanakiri, Kompong Cham, Skuon, Phnom Penh

Talent: The Yellow Duck, Stavros Kottas, Heineken Beer