Ancient Life: Angkor Wat in 3D

JWM Productions for Discovery Channel, 2011

The show explores the story of how the Angkor temples were constructed and the amazing advances in engineering and hydrology that the ancient Khmers developed in the Angkor area. We are working with conservation experts to help us gain a better understanding of the historical and spiritual significance of the temples at Angkor.

Our first 3D shoot shot went very smoothly, ensuring Hanuman Films is at the top of the game with new technology in the industry. There were a lot of early starts at 5am, with the filming going right through to sunrise. 3D shoots require a lot of extra light, so Hanuman Films arranged equipment from Phnom Penh for the shoot, along with two lighting technicians. The crew filmed with lights in the centre of the main Angkor Wat temple which required a lot of assistance from our crew with Apsara Authority guards to make sure we had people stationed at different areas of the cable.

We organised an elephant in full traditional battle dress for the presenter and a weapons expert to ride and fire crossbows from. Also we got two traditional Cambodian spears for the weapons expert to show presenter Brit the way of the Cambodian warrior. Both tested their weapons with watermelons as targets for an explosive and colourful display for the camera.

The crew had a convoy of three minibuses for the duration of the shoot, and had four runners, two fixers, two lighting technicians and a lot of equipment. Hanuman Films also arranged a helicopter for filming over the Angkor temples and waterways. This included security passes for all crew so they could film the helicopter taking off and landing in the grounds of the airport.

As one of the crew members said at the wrap: “The temples of Angkor are made for 3D!”

Locations: Angkor Wat, Bayon, Ta Prohm, Artisan D’Angkor, Wat Thmei

Talent: Brit Eaton, Simon Warrack, Damien Evans, Ko Thai Phin