Horizon Pandemic

BBC Television, 2006

BBC Horizon is a popular science and health show in thebody-images-_0006_bird-flu_Horizon UK. For this episode, the crew travelled to Cambodia to film a drama-documentary on the subject of avian influenza (bird flu) and its potential to spread globally. The shoot involved many actors and support crew, with locations in Phnom Penh and the surrounding countryside. The story followed the life of a construction worker who contracts the illness when visiting family in his home province, before returning to the city where it quickly spreads into a pandemic. The reconstructions involved many different locations including a construction site, a rural clinic and an international hospital. Once again, Hanuman took care of all servicing for this production.

Locations: Phnom Penh, Akhao Khaong District, Kompong Cham, Kandal

Actors and Extras: Dozens of local actors and extras, including medical personnel