Rain Falls From Earth

Ghost-2-Eleven, 2003

Rain Falls to Earth is a US documentary examining the impact of the Khmer Rouge on Cambodian society. The US audience is far less aware of crimes of the Khmer Rouge than might be expected given the US government’s involvement in Cambodia’s war. The film, produced and directed by Steve McClure, aims to bring the Cambodian trauma to a US audience, interviewing both victims and victimisers in Cambodia and the US about how the Khmer Rouge period has affected their lives. This challenging documentary is a haunting portrait of contemporary Cambodia and a people trying to rebuild their lives after many years of darkness. Kulikar Sotho worked as Fixer for the shoot and Hanuman Films provided permissions and logistical support.

Locations: Phnom Penh, S-21 Prison, Siem Reap, Temples of Angkor, Anlong Veng

Talent: Director-Producer Steve McClure