Survivor: Chris Moon

Darlow Smithson for Discovery Channel, 2005

The popular Discovery show Survivor came to Cambodia to body-images-_0009_Survivor Chris Moonfilm the story of amputee marathon runner Chris Moon’s kidnap by the Khmer Rouge in 1993. Chris Moon was working as a deminer for the Halo Trust and was kidnapped in Pursat province, but managed to successfully negotiate his release. He later lost his leg clearing landmines in Mozambique, but went on to run marathons all over the world, to raise money and awareness the International Campaign to Ban Landmines.
Another drama-documentary, this project included many complicated recreation scenes with dozens of extras on some days, plus a local crew to take care of casting, costume, props and make-up. Many scenes were shot in the jungle around Siem Reap, including Phnom Kulen and the remote road north to Anlong Veng. There were also several scenes involving a helicopter, supposedly set in Mozambique, which involved finding African extras in Phnom Penh. This project ran over several weeks and confirmed Hanuman’s position as the number one production company in Cambodia for drama-documentaries

Locations: Siem Reap, Phnom Kulen, Anlong Veng, Phnom Penh

Talent: Lots of extras required, including Khmer Rouge guerrillas