50 Ways To Test Your Mammy

Burning Bright Productions for Sky 1, 2014

Hanuman Films has recently completed an exciting new television show called 50 Ways To Test Your Mammy in Cambodia. 50 Ways To Test Your Mammy features a mother and son who travel to different locations all over the world in search of unique and adventurous experiences. British-based production company Burning Bright Productions, who are the creators of this show, worked with Hanuman Films over a three month period during the pre-production stage with the actual shoot lasting one week. Hanuman Films set up a host of adventures for the mother and son team whilst in Cambodia including: temple trekking, encounters with deadly spiders and a night on a deserted island.

Locations: Temples of Angkor, Phnom Penh, Sihanoukville.
Talent: Baz Ashmawy and his Mammy