TOMS Shoes Catalogue

TOMS, 2012

One for one. With every pair purchased, TOMS will give a new pair of shoes to a child in need. TOMS is a successful social enterprise that has given more than 2 million pairs of shoes to children around the world thanks to its one-for-one model. More recently TOMS has moved into eyewear and provides free glasses or a sight operation to people in the developing world every time someone buys a pair of sunglasses.

The TOMS team travelled to Cambodia in September 2012 to shoot a documentary about their philanthropic work in the kingdom and put together images for their 2013 Spring catalogue. TOMS founder Blake Mycoskie joined the team for a short visit and the shoot was a superb success, including project visits to Cambodia Children’s Fund in Phnom Penh and Seva in Battambang Province.

The documentary shoot ran for a week and included a secret visit to the kingdom by three members of the celebrated fusion band Dengue Fever, including Nimol, Zack and Paul. The catalogue shoot continued into the second half of the month and featured renowned Somali supermodel Ubah Hassan, who had a fantastic experience in the country.

From the TOMS website: “Join us on a journey through Cambodia and see the amazing impact you’re helping to make in a country where TOMS gives shoes and restores sight. The digital edition of the Spring 2013 catalog features behind-the-scenes videos of our giving efforts and invites you to discover our entire Spring collection – shot on location – while sharing your favourite stories and products.”

From the Dengue Fever website: “In the summer of 2012, TOMS invited DENGUE FEVER to participate in their One for One giving trip to Cambodia. TOMS choice to invite DENGUE FEVER was a perfect match for this gifting mission because of singer Chhom Nimol’s incredible story of growing up in refugee camps, destined to immigrate to the United States and front a band of Americans, who meld the sounds of Cambodian Psych, Surf, Afro Beat and Garage Rock into a bopping Odyssey. The band quickly accepted the offer, and Nimol, Zac, and Paul packed their bags for a very emotional ten days, journeying to Siem Reap, Battambang, and Phnom Penh to support TOMS and their giving partners in Cambodia, Cambodian Children’s Fund and Seva Foundation.”

The TOMS crew had a ball with the Hanuman Films team in Cambodia and Kulikar Sotho was once again rated as the best Fixer they had worked with anywhere in the world. We have a sneaky feeling they will be back in Cambodia at some stage, as they all had such an incredible experience.

“Dear Kulikar, I cannot tell you how amazing working with you has been such a joy! You are a true professional. Thank You.” Felipe Hernandez, VP of Creative Services, TOMS.

Locations: Phnom Penh, Siem Reap, Battambang
Talent: TOMS Shoes, TOMS Eyewear, Dengue Fever, Ubah Hussein