Destination Truth: Angkor

Ping Pong Productions for the Sy-Fy Channel, 2010

The Destination Truth team descended on Cambodia once more to investigate spirits, ghosts and mysteries associated with the world’s largest religious building, Angkor Wat. Josh Gates and DT team carried out several night investigations at the site to determine if local accounts of hauntings were accurate. After scouring the temple from dusk ‘til dawn they returned to Los Angeles to analyse their findings and discovered inexplicable human body shapes on their thermal imaging and mysterious voices on their soundtrack. Hanuman Films provided all production support for the Destination Truth shoot, including successfully arranging the special night filming permission in conjunction with the Apsara Authority. Exceedingly hard to organise, Hanuman Films was able to secure the night permission due to a close relationship with temple authorities based on many successful shots around Angkor.

Locations: Angkor Wat, Roluos Temples

Talent: Presenter Josh Gates and the Destination Truth investigative team