Feature Films

Hanuman Films has more than a decade of experience body-images-_0002_Small Filmslooking after major international feature films in Cambodia. Selected as the local servicing company for Tomb Raider by Paramount Pictures, Hanuman has since worked on a range of feature films including Jean-Jacques Annaud’s Two Brothers, starring Guy Pearce and a family of tigers, and Wish You Were Here, starring Joel Edgerton and Teresa Palmer, which opened the 2012 Sundance Film Festival. More recently Hanuman Films has moved into feature film production itself and credits include a co-producion on the award-winning Ruin and a first full feature length production, The Last Reel, which won the Spirit of Asia Award at the Tokyo International Film Festival 2014.

Hanuman Films can assist with every aspect of planning a feature film shoot in Southeast Asia, from script assessment and approval and professional location scouting through to arranging sensitive permissions and casting for talents and extras. Assisting with navigating the bureaucratic maze in this region is a real art and Hanuman has the necessary contacts to ensure this is a trouble-free experience.

Once it comes to crewing up for the shoot, we can assist in providing experienced individuals in every department. The region is home to professional art department, costume and make-up teams, highly experienced construction teams for sets and recreations, as well as experienced grips and lighting teams. If equipment or personnel is not available at the time, we are also able to bring in very experienced crew and top quality international equipment from Thailand, as we have long experience of servicing major productions via our supply partners in Bangkok.

It is relatively straightforward and very cost effective to shoot a feature film in the Mekong region, particularly in Cambodia which is making a real effort to welcome international film-makers to shoot in-country. Attainable permissions, flexible budgets, experienced local support crew, international standard equipment and unexplored locations add up to make the Mekong region a must for original feature film directors.

Hanuman Films is also open to the spirit of cooperation and the possibility of working on co-productions with independent filmmakers. This can be a particularly attractive option for low-budget shoots and micro-budget films that are struggling to raise the capital to move ahead.