Different productions, differing budgets, but one constant body-images-_0004_Crewis the cost of international crews, which can quickly mount when factoring in airfares, accommodation and per diems, not to mention the core salaries.

Hanuman Films can provide a range of personnel locally to assist in keeping the production within budget. There are now a wide range of individuals with film experience in the region.

We encourage productions to use local crew where possible, as it increases their skills and experience and contributes to building up a stronger domestic servicing industry for the future, such has happened in Thailand over the last few decades. There are many highly skilled, experienced personnel working in the large film industry in Thailand, so with a bit of homework in the Mekong region during the pre-production period, it is possible to make major savings from your budget. Not only can we recruit experienced personnel in Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Vietnam, but we can assist in sourcing the most experienced individuals in the Thai film industry. There are also now have a large number of in-region freelance international filmmakers with whom we enjoy a close working relationship and can bring the right people on for the right kind of jobs.