Hanuman Films is the most established film servicingbody-images-_0001_Intro company in Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar Thailand and the Southeast Asia region beyond. We can provide a range of services for productions planning to film in Southeast Asia. We can arrange experienced crew to ensure the shoot runs smoothly and these include important roles such as Director of Photography (DoP), Line Producer, Sound Recordist or Art Director. We can source reliable equipment from around the region to avoid the prohibitive costs of shipping gear from overseas. We can assist with arranging comfortable and well-equipped facilities on the ground such as a production office, an editing suite or a studio. We can also coordinate all logistics for the shoot, including hotels, transportation and catering.

From budgeting and scheduling to permits and permissions, Hanuman Films can facilitate every aspect of your production in Southeast Asia. Depending on the genre and scale of the production, we will coordinate location scouting, casting, budgeting, research, securing government permits, sourcing equipment and assembling a skilled production crew. You name it and we can help with any angle on filmmaking in Southeast Asia.

Here is a summary of the services we can offer to productions, be they feature films, documentaries, commercials or corporate:

Production Servicing

* Budgeting for projects large and small, plus scheduling for feature films and drama-documentaries

* Script review to advise on any sensitive areas with regard to filming permissions

* Securing all government permissions to film in the country or region

* Location scouting and all paperwork for location permissions

* Arranging visas and work permits where relevant

* Casting talent, extras

* Hiring freelance crew in all departments

* Renting equipment, including camera, grip, lighting and more

* Coordinating travel and living arrangements

* Overseeing shipping, carnet and customs clearance

* Organizing special effects equipment, rigging, pyrotechnics

* Creating and/or securing props, weapons, set dressing

* Assembling wardrobe creation, purchase/rental, seamstresses, tailors

* Hiring makeup, hair, prosthetics team, supplies

* Arranging transportation, picture vehicles and marine requirements

* Arranging art department and construction setup

* Hiring a craft service team for on set catering

* Post production services, editing, sound syncing

* Photoshoot servicing and behind-the-scenes-stills

Production Work

* Event filming and planning

* NGO donor filming

* NGO documentaries/ fund-raising videos

* Promotional hotel videos

* Television content for international broadcast

* Feature film production including The Last Reel and Ruin